There are times, where people put material objects first than actual people. Some major examples in today’s society are phones, money, video games and etc. This is one of the saddest ideas to think about in life. a majority of those in the first world, including me, get consumed in this fantasy world called the Internet. although it is a useful tool that we have access to, considering it gives us the privilege to communicate and gather information from other people in many parts of the world, it is still taking over our lives. the Internet is a great distraction from a lot of the problems people may face, but it does not offer a solution to the problem.

it is just sad to know that people would rather play a video game, for example, than to interact with the people who are around them. personally, I’m not against these “distractions” as long as it is used at a minimum. people should just take the time to do stuff with people and interact and make those connections that you can never make online nor material objects. take time or make time with those who are important to you as these relationships are more precious than what the Internet may offer.

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